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Provincial Statistics Figures - Davao Occidental


Total Population, August 2015 316,342
Annual Population Growth Rate, 2010-2015  
Average Household Size, August 2015 4.1
Gross Regional Domestic Product, 2016, constant, in million pesos  
GRDP Growth Rate, 2015-2016  
Per capita GRDP, constant, pesos  
Price Indices  
Consumer Price Index, (2006=100), May 2017  
Inflation Rate, May 2017  
Purchasing Power of Peso, May 2017  
Labor and Employment  
Employment Rate, Jan 2017  
Labor Force Participation Rate, Jan 2017  


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Philippine Statistics Authority
Provincial Statistical Office
Davao Occidental
Chief Statistical Specialist
National Highway, Poblacion, Malita, 
Poblacion, Malita (infront of Municipal Agriculture Office)
Davao Occidental 8012
Contact Number 0920-394-5372
Website:  rsso11.psa.gov.ph/davao-occidental
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