WAM Handbook

The Statistical Handbook on Women and Men in Davao Region presents the latest available gender statistics through tables and charts with short explanatory texts and brief analyses highlighting important features of the data. The PSA XI is privileged to contribute to the government’s efforts in furthering the gender mainstreaming and in fulfilling the various international gender-related commitments of our country.
The Publication Contents & Uses
The WAM Handbook provides relevant sex-disaggregated information which can serve as a guide in advocacy work geared towards women’s welfare and advancement in the various sectors of the society. It contains statistical facts on the situation of Filipino women in Davao Region relative to that of their male counterparts.
Geographic Area Code
Regional and provincial
Data Contents
Chapter 1  Population and Families
Chapter 2  Labor and Employment
Chapter 3  Socio-economic Benefits for Women
Chapter 4  Agriculture and Agrarian Reform
Chapter 5  Women’s Education
Chapter 6  Women’s Health
Chapter 7  Women and Children Support System
Chapter 8  Political and Public Spheres
Chapter 9  Cultural Identity
Chapter 10 Violence Against Women
Chapter 11 Special Sectoral Concerns
Chapter 12  Gender and Development 
No. of Pages:   Ranges from 180 to 200 pages.
Dissemination Format:   Print (Book), and CD
Agency:  Philippine Statistics Authority - Regional Statistical Services Office XI
Address: Ango Bldg., J. P. Cabaguio Ave., Davao City
Telefax No.: (082)-2241140, (082) 2213593