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Provincial Statistics Figures - Davao del Sur

Total Population,2020 680,481
Average Population Growth Rate, 2015-2020 1.55%
Average Household Size (excluding Davao City), 2020 3.7
Total Population, 2020 1,776,949
Average Population Growth Rate, 2015-2020  
Average Household Size, 2020 3.7
PRICE INDICES (2018=100), June 2023  
Consumer Price Index 121.6
Inflation Rate 4.6%
Purchasing Power of Peso 0.82
Consumer Price Index 121.7
Inflation Rate 7.6%
Purchasing Power of Peso 0.81


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Latest Content - Davao del Sur

Reference Number: DAVSUR-2023-27
Davao City - The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Regional Statistical Services Office (RSSO 11) and Davao del Sur Provincial Statistical Office in collaboration with Marnie Manicad Productions International (MMPI) conducted a promotional campaign for the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) in Davao City National High School on 11 September 2023. The campaign with the slogan “Makabagong Pilipinas, PhilID para sa Bata, Bata para sa Bayan, Tara na, Register na” received a warm welcome from the school with more than 14,000 enrollees. This activity dedicated to our young citizens, specifically the remaining unregistered children aged 5 to 17 years old aims to foster understanding and appreciation for the youth to realize that this simple act of registration thru PSA can pave the way for a lifetime of opportunities and government support. With your PhilID, you gain easy access to the services and benefits that are rightfully yours as Filipino citizens. During the event, representatives from the PhilSys Registry Office (PRO) provided updates and addressed any questions and concerns raised by the attendees about PhilSys. MMPI set up a photo booth and facilitated exciting games with prizes being given away to lucky winners. To add to the already vibrant ambiance, a live band serenading creates a more lively and enjoyable atmosphere. Principal IV Evelyn E. Magno delivered her message wherein she encouraged the teachers, parents, and students to take full advantage of the opportunity as the PhilSys registration is already accessible within the school. “By hosting this registration here in our school, we are actively contributing to the success of PhilSys” she added. PSA – DAVAO DEL SUR CONDUCTS PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR PHILSYS IN DAVAO CITY NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL.


Reference Number: DAVSUR-2023-26
The headline inflation in Davao del Sur rose to 3.1 percent which is 0.4 percentage points higher than the July 2023 inflation rate. Moreover, this inflation rate is 5.2 percentage points lower than the inflation rate in August 2022 posted at 8.3 percent. The average inflation for the year’s first seven months stood at 6.0 percent. (Table A and Figure 1). The increase in Davao del Sur’s inflation rate was mainly brought about by the increase in the Transport index to negative 4.0 percent from negative 13.6 percent in the previous month. It shared 74.8 percent in the inflation trend which is the highest. Next to that is the increase in the inflation rate of Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages to 5.4 percent from 5.0 percent in the previous month. It contributed 19.2 percent, the second-highest share in the inflation trend. In addition, the inflation rate of Education Services increased to 1.8 percent from 0.3 percent in the previous month. It contributed the third highest share in the inflation trend with 2.9 percent. Also, the annual upticks of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco increased to 12.8 percent from 12.3 percent in the previous month, this shared 1.5 percent in the inflation trend. Other than that, the inflation rate of Restaurants and Accommodation Services also rose to 5.9 percent from 5.7 percent, which contributed 1.2 percent to the inflation trend. Furthermore, the inflation rate of Personal Care, and Miscellaneous Goods and Services also increased to 1.6 percent from 1.5 percent in the previous month, this shared 0.4 percent in the inflation trend. SUMMARY INFLATION REPORT CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: AUGUST 2023, DAVAO DEL SUR (2018=100).


Reference Number: DAVSUR-2023-25
In August 2023, the City of Davao's headline inflation rate showed a consistent decrease, with a drop of 1.6 percentage points from 6.3 percent in July 2023 to 4.7 percent. Furthermore, the current headline inflation rate was 4.9 percentage points lower than the rate reported in August 2022. Meanwhile, the average inflation rate from January to August 2023 stood at 8.2 percent. (Table A and Figure 1).Among the 13 commodity groups, the slower headline inflation in August 2023 was primarily brought about by the decline in the index of (1) Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas, and other Fuels at 2.1 percent down from 9.0 percent in the previous month. Also pulling down the overall headline inflation in the city was (2) Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages at 4.8 percent, down from 5.9 percent SUMMARY INFLATION REPORT CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: AUGUST 2023, CITY OF DAVAO (2018=100).