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Regional Statistics Committee

Regional Statistics Committee


The Regional Statistics Committee - XI  (RSC-XI), being the regional counterpart of the PSA Executive Board, formulates policy measures in the form of resolutions and memorandum orders to introduce new statistical frameworks and activities, enhance existing methodologies, and improve the quality and accessibility of government - produced statistics in the region.


RSC XI Composition


          Regional Director, National Economic and Development Authority


           Regional Director, Philippine Statistics Authority


           SOCD Chief, Philippine Statistics Authority


     (a) Regional Directors of the following Regional Line Agencies as ex-officio members:

 1. Department of Agriculture 9.Department of Public Works and Highways
 2. Department of Budget and Management 10. Department of Social Welfare and Development
 3. Department of the Environment and Natural Resources 11. Department of Trade and Industry
 4. Department of Education 12. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas
 5. Department of the Interior and Local Government 13. Commission on Higher Education
 6. Department of Health 14. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority
 7. Department of Labor and Employment 15. Bureau of Local Government Finance
 8. Department of Tourism 16. Department of Science and Technology

     (b) Representatives of the following entities, as appointed by the RSC XI Chairperson:

 1. Philippine National Police XI
 2. Provicial Planning Development Offices of Davao del Norte, Davao Oriental, Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental, and Compostela Valley
 3. City Planning and Development Office of Davao City
 4. Davao Association of Catholic Schools, as representative of private schools
 5. Philippine Association of State Universities and Colleges, as representative of SUCs
 6. Davao City Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Inc., and
 7. Mindanao Coalition of Development NGO Networks, as representatives of the Private Sector


Power and Functions

The RSC shall have the following powers and functions:


Oversee the implementation in the regions of policy decisions made by the PSA Board and the adpotion of prescribed statistical standard methodologies and classification systems;


Formulate statistical policies designed to resolve local statistical issues and recommend workable schemes towards the improvement of local level statistics;


Institute measures to strengthen the statistical capability of the loacl statistical system including the personnel thereof;


Elevate to the PSA Board, statistical matters which cannot be resolved at the local level;


Create interagency statistical working groups, as the need arises, that could attend to technical issues and problems and supervise the activities of these working groups;


Meet at least once a quarter at such date, time and place it may decide;


Submit on time reports periodically to PSA Central Office.


RSC XI Announcement

 Regular Meeting
Contact Information:
Ma. Leah C. Magracia
Secretary, RSC XI
Philippine Statistics Authority
Regional Statistical Services Office XI
3/F Ango Bldg., Cabaguio Ave.,
Davao City
Telefax Nos. (082) 224-1140