PSA-RSSO XI conducts the July 2023 Labor Force Survey (LFS) and 2023 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES) Visit 1

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Tuesday, July 11, 2023
The Philippine Statistics Authority – Regional Statistical Services Office XI will conduct the July 2023 Labor Force Survey (LFS) and the 2023 Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES) Visit 1 on 08 to 31 July 2023 in all provinces of the Region. 
The Labor Force Survey (LFS) is a nationwide survey of households conducted monthly and quarterly by the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to gather data on the demographic and socio-economic characteristics of the population. Data from the survey provides information on major labor market trends such as labor force participation and unemployment rates, hours worked, past industries and occupations of the currently unemployed persons.
Meanwhile, the Family Income and Expenditure Survey (FIES) aims: a) to gather data on family income, sources of income, family expenditure and related information affecting family income and expenditure levels and patterns in the Philippines;  b) to determine the income distribution, levels of living and spending patterns, and the degree of inequality among families; c) to provide benchmark information to update the weights used in the estimation of Consumer Price Index (CPI); and d) to provide inputs in the estimation of the country’s poverty threshold and incidence.
The 2023 FIES is the twentieth survey conducted since 1957. This will be the start where FIES will be conducted every two (2) years. In 1985 to 2021, FIES was conducted every three (3) years. 
The FIES is conducted in two (2) separate visits and as rider to the LFS. The first visit (FIES Visit 1) with January to June 2023 as reference period will be undertaken on 08-31 July 2023 while the second visit (FIES Visit 2) will be conducted on January 2024 with July to December 2023 as the reference period.     
Around 9,216 sample households in the region will be visited and interviewed for the FIES Visit 1. For Davao Region about 385 Statistical Researchers and Team Supervisors are hired to conduct the data collection in the provinces of the region using the Computer-Aided Personal Interview. 
In view of this, PSA Davao Region encourages everyone, especially to the selected sample households in the provinces of the region, to support and cooperate in the conduct of the 2023 FIES Visit 1. The participation of the household respondents in providing truthful, complete and accurate information to the interviewers is very important in the success of this undertaking. Rest assured that individual data furnished by the respondent shall be kept strictly confidential under Section 26 of Republic Act 10625, which stipulates that individual data furnished by a respondent to statistical inquiries, surveys, and censuses of the PSA shall be considered privileged information and such shall be inadmissible as evidence in any proceeding.
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Regional Statistical Services Office 11