Issuance of Certificate for Registration of the Authority to Solemnize Marriage (CRASM)


Fees:     P500.00 (Application for CRASM)

              P100.00 (Issuance of a Certifed True Copy and other Certifications)

Forms:   SO Application Form (SO Form 1)

              SO Request Form

Processing Time: 5 days / 1 day

Person In Charge: Field Office / Regional Office

What are the Requirements:

1) Accomplished application form (OCRG-SO Form No. 1) in triplicate copies, subscribed and sworn to a person a person authorized to administer oath with affixed documentary stamp;

2) Three copies of colored ID pictures (2x2) with white background taken not more than a month ago from the date of application. Pictures should not be computer generated to preserve its quality. In cases the person is using glasses, it should be removed to have a clear imafe of the person. The back of the ID picture should contain the signature of the applicant;

3) A machine copy of appointment as priest, head, founder, bishop, pastor and mininster of the religion or religious sect;

4) Proper endorsement/designation/recommendation from the head of religion or religious sect to mention: the full name,  nationality, complete address, location of the church, temple or mosque where the applicant regularly perform rites and indicate the extent of his territorial jurisdiction;

5) Certified True Copy of Certificate of Live Birth; 6) Alien Certificate of Registration (ACR) or Immigration Certificate of Registration (ICR) issued by the Commission on Immigration and Deportation (CID), in case the applicant is a citizen of a foreign country; 7) Certified True Copy of Certificate of Ordination issued by his/her respective church; and 8) Certificate of Registration, Articles of Incorporations and by-laws, and updated General Information Sheet (G.I.S.) certified by the Head of the religion or religious sect. (Administrative Order No. 1, Series of 2007).

How to avail of the service:

Step Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration of Activity Person In-Charge Fees Form
1 The Solemnizing Officer (SO) goes to the provincial/ regional office of PSA of his place of assignment to file the application for CRASM Receives and screens the request/application for CRASM; checks completeness of supporting documents 15 minutes Field Office/ SO Clerk   SO Form 1
2 Pays to the Cashier/ Collecting Officer Receives payment and issues OR 5 minutes Field Office/ Cashier/ Collecting Officer P500.00  
3   Evaluates the application form and supporting documents and advises the SO for the date of release of the CRASM (5 days, processing) 5 minutes Field Office/ Provincial Statistics Officer (PSO)    
    Endorses to the Regional Office for processing. In case the Regional Director (RD) recommends for a field visit/person interview, the RD may conduct the field visit/ personal interview or assign any regional staff 2 days Field Office/ RD    
4   if approved, the RD signs the CRASM and forwards the same to the PO for release 2 days Field Office/ RD    
5 Returns to the PO to claim CRASM Releases CRASM to the SO 1 day Field Office/ SO Clerk    
End of transaction