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Provincial Statistics Figures - Davao del Sur

Total Population,2020 680,481
Average Population Growth Rate, 2015-2020 1.55%
Average Household Size (excluding Davao City), 2020 3.7
Total Population, 2020 1,776,949
Average Population Growth Rate, 2015-2020  
Average Household Size, 2020 3.7
PRICE INDICES (2018=100), August 2022  
Consumer Price Index 119.0
Inflation Rate 8.3%
Purchasing Power of Peso 0.84
Consumer Price Index 118.3
Inflation Rate 9.6%
Purchasing Power of Peso 0.85


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Latest Content - Davao del Sur

Reference Number: DAVSUR-2022-11
The headline inflation in Davao del Sur decreased by 1.3 percentage points having 8.3 in August 2022, from 9.6 percent in July 2022. This inflation rate is one of the highest rates recorded since January of the same year. The inflation in August 2021 was posted at 6.2 percent, lower by 2.1 percentage points than the recent inflation rate. The average inflation for the year’s first eight months stood at 6.7 percent (Table A and Figure 1). In comparison to the previous month’s inflation rate, there is a decrease in Davao del Sur’s inflation rate which was mainly brought about by the decrease in the index for Food and Non-alcoholic Beverages at 9.7 percent; Transport, 18.3 percent; Clothing and Footwear at 0.7 percent; Personal Care, and Miscellaneous Goods and Services at 1.0 percent; and Health at 4.6 percent. SUMMARY INFLATION REPORT CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: AUGUST 2022, DAVAO DEL SUR (2018=100).


Reference Number: DAVSUR-2022-10
The City of Davao’s annual inflation rate continued its uptrend reaching 9.6 percent in August 2022, from 8.4 percent in July 2022. Furthermore, the present rate is more than double the rate in August 2021 of only 4.2 percent. (Table A and Figure 1). The major contributor to the upward trend in August 2022 are commodity groups Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and Other Fuels at 5.6 percent with 44.2 percent share to the inflation trend; Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages at 12.2 percent with 30.6 percent share to the inflation trend; and Education Services at 9.8 percent with 17.8 percent share to the inflation trend. SUMMARY INFLATION REPORT CONSUMER PRICE INDEX: AUGUST 2022, DAVAO CITY (2018=100).


Reference Number: DAVSUR-2022-09
The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – Provincial Statistical Office of Davao del Sur hosted the Quarterly Survey of Philippine Business and Industry (QSPBI) Respondents’ Forum on 05 August 2022 (Friday) at 8:30 AM through a face-to-face conference and via online platform using Zoom held at Acacia Hotel Davao, JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City. The event aims primarily to promote the significance of QSPBI and aid the sampled establishments in understanding the value of their operations for planning and policy-making, as well as academic research and analysis. Furthermore, the session intends to instruct participants on how to access, accomplish, and submit the QSPBI online questionnaire utilizing the QSPBI Online Facility for Establishment (QOFE). PSA – DAVAO DEL SUR HOSTED THE QUARTERLY SURVEY OF PHILIPPINE BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY RESPONDENTS’ FORUM.