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Provincial Statistics Figures - Davao del Norte

Total Population, August 2015 1,016,332
     Household Population, August 2015 1,006,888
     Institutional PopulationAugust 2015 9,444
Number of HouseholdAugust 2015 233,232
Annual Population Growth Rate, 2010-2015 1.38
Average Household Size, August 2015 4.3
Number of Cities    3
Number of Municipalities      8
Number of Barangays 223
Price Indices  
Consumer Price Index, (2006=100), June 2017 165.0
Inflation Rate, June 2017 5.1
Purchasing Power of Peso, June 2017 0.61
Literate (simple literacy in thousands) , 2000 517
Literacy rate (simple literacy), 2000 92.30


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Latest Content - Davao del Norte

Reference Number: DAVNOR-2019-006
The proportion of Filipino families in Davao del Norte whose income fall below the poverty line to the total number of families was relatively low in the first semester of 2018, as a notable decrease to 14.5 percent in the poverty incidence was observed from the 27.2 percent figure in the same period of 2015. Official Poverty Statistics of Davao del Norte: First Semester of 2018.


Reference Number: DAVNOR-2019-005
Inflation rate in Davao del Norte moved at a slower pace in March 2019, posting a rate of 2.0 percent. This is even lower than the 3.1 percent rate recorded on the previous month and the 5.0 percent rate in March 2018. The average retail price of the fixed basket of consumer goods and services in the province hiked up from 117.6 in March 2018 to 119.9 in the current month, registering an increase of 2.0 percent. All indices, excluding education, posted higher annual gains. Consumer Price Index for All Income Households in Davao del Norte: March 2019.


Reference Number: DAVNOR-2019-004
Davao del Norte retained its headline inflation rate at 3.1 percent in February 2019. This is the same rate recorded on the previous month and lower than the 4.8 percent rate in February 2018. A percent change in the average retail price of the fixed basket of consumer goods and services in Davao del Norte of 3.1 was recorded in February 2019, the price situation increasing from 117.2 on the same month of the previous year to 120.8 on the current month. Mark-ups were observed in all the indices, excluding education. Consumer Price Index for All Income Households in Davao del Norte: February 2019.