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Provincial Statistics Figures - Davao del Norte

Total Population, 2020 1,125,057
     Household Population 1,115,167
     Institutional Population 9,890
Number of Household2020 271,655
Annual Population Growth Rate, 2015-2020 2.16
Average Household Size, 2020 4.3
Number of Cities    3
Number of Municipalities      8
Number of Barangays 223
Price Indices  
Consumer Price Index, (2012=100), April 2022 112.4
Inflation Rate, April 2022 4.7
Purchasing Power of Peso, April 2022 0.89
Literate (Literacy of the household population 10 years old and over) , 2015 770,826
Literacy rate (simple literacy), 2015 98.2


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Latest Content - Davao del Norte

Reference Number: SRDDN2022-026
In 2020, the school-age population (5 to 24 years old) in Talaingod is recorded at 13,666 or 48.2 percent of the total household population. Figure 5. Sex Ratio by Selected Age Group of Talaingod, Davao del Norte: 2020 Special Release: Age and Sex Distribution of Household Population in Talaingod, Davao del Norte (2020 Census of Population and Housing).


Reference Number: SRDDN2022-024
The median age of the population of the municipality of Santo Tomas is calculated at 25.1 years old, which means that half of the household population was younger than 25.1 years, while the other half is older than 25.1 years. This is higher than the median ages of 24.1 years and 22.9 years that were posted in 2015 and 2010, respectively. (Figure 3) Special Release: Age and Sex Distribution of Household Population in Santo Tomas, Davao del Norte (2020 Census of Population and Housing).