PSA DDO Ready for 2022 PhilSys ePhilID Rollout

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

As part of the proactive strategy of the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys), a briefing on the 2022 PhilSys ePhilID Rollout was conducted last 03 October 2022 in Davao de Oro Provincial Statistical Office.

ePhilID refers to the digital version of the Philippine Identification Card (PhilID) printed on a piece of paper (printed ePhilID) which can be stored in the PhilID holder’s mobile device (mobile/portable ePhilID). While waiting for the physical PhilID, printed ePhilID allows the registrants to immediately enjoy the benefits of being registered to PhilSys. The digital PhilID will have the same functionality and validity as its physical PhilID while PSA will continue to fast-track the printing and delivery of the physical card. Moreover, ePhilID contains a security feature shared with the physical ID where it has a unique digital signature through its QR code that can be used for authentication.

Guidelines and procedures on the conduct and issuance of the ePhilID were thoroughly briefed by the Provincial Focal Person (PFP) of PhilSys Davao de Oro Eva C. Tesoro to the hired PhilSys field personnel for the rollout, as well as to the office-based personnel and Statistical Researchers (SRs) in various surveys of the PSA.

While registration to PhilSys is still on-going and free of charge, claiming of the ePhilID is also free and easy wherein an online appointment system is administered for the registrants to choose which registration center they will claim their ePhilID. Lastly, all Davaoeños are advised to keep posted on the start of operation for the printing of ePhilID as authentication for each registration center is being finalized.

For more information on briefing 2022 PhilSys ePhilID Rollout, please contact the Statistical Operation and Coordination Section (SOCS) with telephone numbers (084) 817-0347 and (084) 817-0347, and email address