December 2019 Client Satisfaction Survey: CRS Outlet-Davao

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Thursday, March 5, 2020
Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Davao Region regularly conducts a Client Satisfaction Survey (CSS) to measure if indeed the office is performing along its vision as solid, responsive and world-class in providing efficient civil registration services. Clients at Civil Registration Service (CRS) Outlet are asked as to the satisfaction on the services they have received. Results are used as reference on initiating specific strategies to improve the services of the office on civil registration
Highlights of the Results of the December 2019 CSS
  • The December 2019 Client Satisfaction Survey, conducted last 16-20 December, 2019, posted a +90.4% satisfaction rate. Satisfaction rating is measured as the percentage of clients surveyed during the reference period, who were either satisfied or very satisfied with PSA’s civil registration services.
  • A net satisfaction rate also stood at +89.2%, where Net Satisfaction rating measures the difference between the proportion of satisfied and dissatisfied clients. 
  • A total of 61,337 transactions were processed by the CRS Outlet - Davao, operating for 18 days in December 2019. 
  • The comparative over-all satisfaction rate and net satisfaction rate posted from March 2018 – December 2019 and the average number of transactions per day during the conduct of the CSS from March 2018 – December 2019 were shown in Figure 1. 
  • Table 1 showed  that higher statisfaction rates were giveby female clients compared to their male counterpart.
  • Clients in the 20 - 29 age group were the most satisfied clients with 94.5% satisfaction rate.
  • Clients with some High School education were the most satisfied clients with a satisfaction rate of 95%. 
  • Clients with  work were more satisfied compared with clients who do not have work and clients living in Davao City were more satisfied compared to clients residing outside Davao City. (Table 1)

The comparative satisfaction rates by Area of COncern from December, September, June, March 2019. December, September, June and March 2018 were shown in Table 2.

  • Clients gave High satisfaction rate when asked if PSA provided easy to follow procedures (91.2%). 
  • Improvement in the client satisfaction rate was posted in the clean CRs with almost 5 percentage points increase in satisfaction rate.
  • Decreases in satisfaction rates in areas concerning employees should be noted: Knowledge in operations (-2.3%), Grooming (-2.6%) and being Courteous to clients (-3.8%). 
  • Marked decrease in satisfaction rate was observed in the giving of prompt service (-4.7%) from 90.7% in September to 86.0% in December.
Included in the CSS were proportion of clients who knew of other venues where to request for civil registry documents, and who tried these alternative venues. The results were showed in Figure 2
  • The survey also asked if clients knew of other venues where one can secure a copy of their civil registry documents. About 52.8% of the clients knew that there are other ways where one can secure a copy of their Civil Registry Documents. 
  • Of the clients who knew other venues where one can secure a copy of their civil registry documents, the internet topped as an alternative venue (56.8%), Local Government Units (28.8%) came next followed by SM Business Center (12.9%).
  • About 35%  of the clients who knew other ways where one can secure a copy of their Civil Registry Documents have tried alternative venues where they can request and secure their Civil Registry Documents.

When asked why they did not use alternative venues where they can request and secure their Civil Registry Documents, 38% reported they do not know that there are alternative venues to request for Civil Registry Documents or do not know how to request Civil Registry documents other than PSA.
Comments or suggestions to improve services of PSA given by external clients were consolidated by facilities, service providers, system/process improvement.
Client’s Profile
  • Female accounted for 72.0% of the total clients of the outlet
  • Majority of the clients belong to the 20-29 age group.
  • Almost 60% of the clients reported to have at least college education
  • Clients were either have work or do not have work.
  • Six in every 10 clients were Davao City residents
(Chief Statistical Specialist)
Officer – in - Charge
Regional Statistical Services Office – Davao Region