About PSA Davao Oriental

The Provincial Statistical Office (PSO) shall:

  • Undertakes census and survey operations in the province and processes census and survey questionnaires (including data validation and review)
  • Undertakes preparatory activities for census and survey operation- training, recruitment, coordination, forms and materials, strategies, info campaign(trimedia), budget preparation workload preparation
  • Collects, processes and generates/submits statistics and other administrativebased and data files for the province
  • Formulates local strategies for the efficient conduct of activities in the province
  • Prepares and disseminates press/special releases on selected statistics, civil registration and other office activities
  • Represents the PSA in inter-agency meetings, conferences , fora, and other similar functions in the province
  • Reviews and compiles barangay maps during census/survey operations
  • Coordinates with and provides technical assistance to LCROs/LGUs on statistical and civil registration matters and other activities in the province
  • Manages the operation of the frontline service counter/outlet for civil registry services in the provincial office
  • Evaluates and recommends applications for CRASM of Solemnizing Officers in the province
  • Conducts information campaign on civil registration, organizes/assists in the conduct of relevant trainings/seminars, and provides technical support and supervision to LCROs in the province
  • Manages and maintains the Information Technology in the province 
  • Prepares and implements work and financial plans (WFP) of the province
  • Prepares and submits periodic financial reports, regular/special reports on statistical, civil registration and administrative activities of the provincial office
  • Processes and pays financial claims filed in the provincial office
  • Manages and maintains the PSA Statistical Information Center and website at the provincial level
  • Plans and implements for efficient conduct of statistical activities in the province (NSM, NCS, PSQ)
  • Implements Census Compliance Project
  • Assists in the implementation of statistical coordination mechanisms, statistical standards and classification systems at the sub-national level 

Organizational Structure - Davao Oriental

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